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EKids NURSERY/Preschool Volunteer Teams

Volunteer Role:​ Greeter
Volunteer Description:​ The greeters serve during the services, especially at the
beginning of service with welcoming arms and a happy smile as they help check­
in and welcome the children and families within EKids PRESCHOOL. The Greeters are key in making the experience go smooth for a first time visitor. Many times the Greeter will provide to both child and parent information on our church and how our EKids PRESCHOOL functions. Every Sunday the Greeters will serve at the front desk.

Volunteer Role:​ Team Leader
Volunteer Description:​ The Team Leader serves in the Preschool Room (3­-5 Year Olds) during all Sunday morning services. If you are a great leader, motivated and love Preschooler’s then you will want to sign up to serve as a Team Leader. Every team needs an organized leader to ensure that all of the lessons, crafts and activities run smoothly. This is an opportunity to work with others and to oversee the basic service schedule is followed. You receive the lesson by email on your scheduled week. Preparing in prayer and knowing the lessons material are the only two requirements prior to your scheduled Sunday.

Volunteer Role:​ Worship Leader
Volunteer Description:​ Do you love to sing and dance? This is a fun way to lead Preschooler’s in worship. Enjoy singing and dancing with hand motions led by a fun, interactive worship dvd. Learning to worship God with your whole heart, soul and mind.

Volunteer Role:​ LIVE Skit Character(s)
Volunteer Description:​ Instead of watching a skit performed on a dvd you can watch it LIVE with fun and energetic characters. Our web­based curriculum provides a written script to give guidance in acting out an Introductory Sketch and weekly Bible Story that goes along with the weekly lesson. The characters can be anything from a scientist to a pirate. It puts an exciting twist on stories in the bible while bringing them to life.

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EKids Volunteer Teams

Volunteer Role: Greeter
Volunteer Description: The greeters serve during the services, especially at the beginning of service with welcoming arms and a happy smile as they help check- in and welcome the children and families within EKids. The Greeters are key in making the experience go smooth for a first time visitor. Many times the Greeter will provide to both child and parent information on our church and how our EKids Service functions. On most Sundays the Greeter will serve either at the front desk or either at the top of the stairs.

Volunteer Role: Section Leader
Volunteer Description: The Section Leaders serve during the entirety of the EKids Services. The Section Leaders truly help with our kids in one-on-one situations and a relational basis. In this role, the volunteer helps facilitate the service by making sure that the children are listening or if they need to go to the restroom, they help get them to where they need to be. Not only do Section Leaders help facilitate, they most importantly connect relationally with the children. There are many times where children simply need conversation and prayer, the Section Leader has many opportunities to pour into the life of children.

Volunteer Role: Host/Characters
Volunteer Description: Do you like to speak? Do you enjoy making kids laugh? This role may be perfect for you! The Host works closely with Pastor Adam in helping lead and facilitate the actual service. Some of the responsibilities include welcoming from the stage, running games, and teaching opportunities. We also have opportunities for people to act as a Character in skits and dramatic interactions, which help engage kids through a different medium. The use of Characters is to complement the main idea within the service. 

Volunteer Role: Production
Volunteer Description: The Production Team in EKids has many of the same responsibilities as the Production Team in our Adult Services, in Ekids it is just done on a smaller level. The Production Team helps in all things audiovisual; they run our computer for worship, video, lights and sound. If you enjoy helping me engage in services through creative use of technology, then this role could be perfect for your gifting’s. 

Volunteer Role: Small Group Leader
Volunteer Description: We believe it is vital for children to be involved in building relationships and learning within a community, which Small Groups help accomplish. The Small Group Leader interacts and teaches curriculum to children in specific age groupings. They not only interact with children, but many times they are the first person a parent meets in our EKids department, so they also serve a vital role in welcoming guests and new families to Evangel Temple.

Volunteer Role: Royal Ranger/Mpact Girls Leader
Volunteer Description: We believe it is vital for children to learn and grow within gender and age specific small groups; this is made possible through Royal Ranger Boys and Mpact Girls. In these groups Leaders are able to interact relationally, teach, and play in all kinds of activities. These Leaders are able to make a huge impact in a one-on-one basis.

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Alive Student Ministries Volunteer Roles

Volunteer Role: Greeter
Volunteer Description: Greeters serve in two areas of ALIVE, the main door and the sanctuary doors. Our greeters by the main door need to make sure that students are greeted as they approach the door creating a warm environment before they even set foot in the door. Greeters by the sanctuary doors greet students as they enter the sanctuary creating an excitement and anticipation as students prepare for service. (HIGH FIVES AND HUGS ARE NECESSARY)

Volunteer Role: Check-In
Volunteer Description: Check In volunteers work the check in desk of ALIVE. They check students into our database by typing in their name. A check in volunteer is also responsible with making sure a new student Nills out a connect card and receives they’re visitor gift. Then, the volunteer is responsible to introducing the visitor to one of our Section volunteers.

Volunteer Role: Section Leaders
Volunteer Description: Section leaders are spread throughout the student center and in the sanctuary. They’re responsibility to is to hang out, sit with, and get to know any new visitors or any student they see by themselves. These volunteers need to be very outgoing.

Volunteer Role: Worship Band
Volunteer Description: Band members should be well versed in their instrument of choice. At home practice is a necessity in order to make practices and times of worship run more smoothly.

Volunteer Role: Vocalist
Volunteer Description: Vocalists should have the ability to not only sing, but a willing ness to lead others either through song or high energy participation.

Volunteer Role: Lights*
Volunteer Description: The light technician is responsible for putting out the right scenes for the correct element of the service, whether it be for a video, worship, or the message. Volunteer

Volunteer Role: Lyrics*
Volunteer Description: The Lyrics volunteer is responsible for running the words during a worship set as well as following Pastor Johnny during the message in order to put up the correct slides.

Volunteer Role: Sound*
Volunteer Description: Sound technicians must have an ear for music and balance. Making sure every instrument and microphone is at a correct level us vital to the Nlow of service.

*Training is available

Volunteer Role: Life Group Teacher
Volunteer Description: Life group teachers teach a lesson on Sunday mornings during the life group hour. The lesson is usually based on the topic that is being taught on in the main sanctuary.

Volunteer Role: Small Group Leader
Volunteer Description: Small group leaders are essentially pastors of a group of 10-12 students. Small groups meet on Wednesday nights and dig deeper into the topic that was preached by Pastor Johnny the Sunday before. However, small group leaders are also responsible for contacting, relating with, and hanging out with their students outside of church as well. It’s our goal to see Small Group Leaders truly do life together with their students.

{{answer_7954752}}, which of the following areas of {{answer_7954760}} would you like to serve in? *

Worship Arts Volunteer Roles

Volunteer Role: Praise Team
Volunteer Description: Evangel Temple's Praise Teams lead in our corporate worship services each week. Praise Team members must first commit to the Sanctuary Choir or serve in another department’s worship program (i.e., youth worship band or choir). Vocalists for the Praise Teams are auditioned.

Volunteer Role: Sanctuary Band
Volunteer Description: If you are an experienced instrumentalist who wants to use the gifts and talents the Lord has blessed you with, the Evangel Temple Band may be for you! After successfully completing the auditioning process, instrumentalists are added to our band rotation schedule for corporate worship services.

Volunteer Role: Sanctuary Choir
Volunteer Description: If you have a passion for worship and a desire to help lead the church in praise, consider joining the ET Sanctuary Choir! As a member or regular attendee of Evangel Temple, you have the opportunity to be part of one of our most dynamic ministries in the church. We are seeking people who have a passion for praise to join us as we lead our church family.

Volunteer Role: KidzArtz Team
Volunteer Description: KidzArtz allows children to develop their natural talents in creative arts for use in worship. The KidzArtz Team strives to provide accurate, nurturing, and effective teaching to the students in the areas of their interests. Team members can volunteer in the following areas: Art, Sign Language, Music, Guitar, check in, or greeters.

Volunteer Role: DRAMA TEAM
Volunteer Description: The purpose of the ET Drama Ministry is to portray Christian themes on stage in a spiritual, realistic, and professional manner. Productions may range from humorous skits for advertisements and sermon accents to short seasonal productions or full length plays and musicals. The ministry welcomes any interested person, regardless of his or her level of experience.

Volunteer Description: Here at ET we are constantly striving to reach every people group and every age. Often we use creative elements in the form of stage designs or decorations that coincide with our sermon series or special services to achieve this goal. Those individuals who are skilled in the inspiration, construction and creating of such sets are greatly valued!

{{answer_7954752}}, which of the following areas of {{answer_7954760}} would you like to serve in? *

PRODUCTION Volunteer Roles

Volunteer Role: Producer
Volunteer Description: Producer takes the position of the head of the team and dictates the “Cues” of the service and leads the team in transitions and over all the services.

Volunteer Role: Assistant Producer/Stage Manager
Volunteer Description: Makes sure that all microphones get to the proper people during a service. Places people and gives them the proper “Cues” to be on stage and their placement on stage. Listens and attends to the needs of the Lead Pastor for changes during services. Then conveys these changes to the Producer so that he/she can prep the Team for changes in the service.

Volunteer Role: Video Director
Volunteer Description: Directs Camera Ops and works with the Producer to effectively convey the live experience to the viewers online or at home.

Volunteer Role: Camera Operators
Volunteer Description: Listens to the directions of the Director and operates the Camera equipment to the best of their ability to perform what the Director has instructed.

Volunteer Role: Lighting Director
Volunteer Description: Adjust the Lights to best fulfill and suit the atmosphere of the worship service. Receives Direction from the Producer and Video Engineer as to help facilitate the vision of the service

Volunteer Role: Front of House Audio Engineer
Volunteer Description: The FOH engineer controls what the audience hears during a live performance. His or her primary concern is to ensure superior sound quality within the venue. To do that, the engineer must blend together instruments and vocals to achieve a perfectly balanced sound. In essence, the engineer behind the audio console is like a member of the band—and just as important to the audience’s perception. Without the proper mix from the soundboard, the work of the musicians on stage is wasted.

Volunteer Role: Broadcast Recording
Volunteer Description: The Recording engineer controls what the video audience hears during a live performance. His or her primary concern is to ensure superior sound quality on video and online.

Volunteer Role: Graphics for Screen
Volunteer Description: Displays all Graphics on screens and plays all videos for the service. Receives “Cues” from the Producer and gives timecode to team for all video playback.

{{answer_7954752}}, which of the following areas of {{answer_7954760}} would you like to serve in? *

Care Ministry Team

Volunteer Role:
Volunteer Description: The goal of this ministry is to get to know those wonderful people who are either temporarily or permanently homebound, residents of nursing homes, assisted living centers or rehabilita0on facili0es. To build bonds of friendship with theme, and provide resources that will be helpful to them. By making visits to these individuals, we bring the church to those in extended care. Team members pray daily for those in extended care and make regular visits, taking along with them church bulle0ns, CD/DVD of church services, devo0onals to show them that the ET community cares and is thinking of them. Team members also pray with those they visit.

Volunteer Role: Funeral Dinner Ministry Team
Volunteer Description: To minister to those within our church family through the prepara0on and serving of a meal at Evangel Temple before or after the funeral service.This ministry is divided into teams with each having a Team Leader. When there is a need, the team member will be contacted by their Team Leader and asked to provide food and if schedule allows, will be asked to help serve and clean up on the day of the meal.

Volunteer Role: Funeral Dinner Ministry Team Leader
Volunteer Description: The team Leader is responsible to contact the members of their team to coordinate a meal for the family. The Team Leader will be given a date and 0me of the meal as well as the number of those in aTendance. Addi0onally, the Team Leader will ask their team members to set up, serve and clean up.

Volunteer Role: Hospital Visitation Team
Volunteer Description: The Hospital Visita0on ministry Team consists of church members who visit our Evangel Temple members and others associated with our church. Team members act as an adjunct to our hospital visits made by our pastoral staff. The team member visits to offer prayer and encouragement by extending the love, comfort and compassion of Jesus Christ to those who are hospitalized. Each volunteer must go through a training class before he/she can become a part of this ministry.

{{answer_7954752}}, which of the following areas of {{answer_7954760}} would you like to serve in? *


Volunteer Role: Greeter
Volunteer Description: The greeters serve during services welcoming people with a warm smile and a friendly greeting and helping to distribute bulletins, communication items, or special event cards. The Greeters should always be on the look out for first time guests to connect with the Host teams who work in the lobbies.

Volunteer Role: Host
Volunteer Description: The host teams specialize in serving the first-time and returning visitors by connecting with them personally, hosting them around the building, showing them the cafe, restrooms, nursery, preschool and children’s areas as well as connecting them with other LifeGroup Leaders, pastors, and others. The hosts have a good knowledge of upcoming events and guest specific things like StartingPoint and certain LifeGroups. The hosts also serve as a resource for the Greeters on events, communication, and visitors in their assigned lobbies.

Volunteer Role: Cafe
Volunteer Description: The Cafe team serves the entire church body by running the operations of the Café, such as preparing coffee, serving pastries, cleaning the café area, selling products and helping during special events. But the Cafe also serves as the connecting point for many of the guests. This is where we keep gifts for guests, as well as the most up to date information on Starting Point and serves as the after-service connection point for guests and the drop off point of the Connect Cards.

Volunteer Role: Follow-Up
Volunteer Description: The Follow-up team connects with our visitors and attendees that fill out information on the Connect Card. From home, using a web based program called Fellowship One (We’ll train you on this!) you’ll make phone calls and/or send emails about different items related to the connect card.

Volunteer Role: Ushers
Volunteer Description: The Usher team serves the church body by helping prepare for special events, receiving the offering during services, distributing materials, having workable knowledge of events, LifeGroups, and locations. They also are constantly looking for First time guests to connect with the host team or to host themselves.

Volunteer Role: Security
Volunteer Description: The security team first and foremost serves as the connection point for first-time and returning guests in the parking lot by directing traffic, using the golf carts to bring attendees to the front entrance and connecting guests with the greeter team. They also serve by monitoring the facility during services and special events and being available to assist with maintenance or emergency situations. Additionally, This team is specially trained in first aide response, CPR, and guest services. 

Volunteer Role: Information Desk
Volunteer Description: The Information Desk volunteers serves as the central source of information for the entire church body. This person occupies our Information desk and Event Kiosks to answer any questions someone may have, assist in event sign ups, and serves as another connection post for those new to our church.

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